How to Become a Freelancer – How to Become a freelancer Perhaps this is one of the most common questions asked by people who have a hobby of writing. Everyone wants to earn money for the author’s hobby. Nowadays, you can use your writing as a source of income by becoming a freelancer.

On the other hand, many people don’t know how to Become a Freelancer. Don’t worry about overcoming your confusion, here digimaz has summarized it for you.

How to Become a Freelancer

1. Start taking online courses

The first thing you can do to become a free lancer is to take an online writing course.Reported by The Write Life, early self-education is very important when starting a writing career. Nowadays, there are many online courses that provide knowledge about writing, such as writing articles, becoming a copywriter, and others. Well, you can take an online course about it, don’t worry, the prices are usually very affordable.

This automatically gives you as many insights as you can get, opening up insights into the world of free lancer.

2. Write on your blog

Nowadays, there are many platforms for writing, such as Blogspot, Medium, WordPress, and others. Start writing on any of those blogging platforms and improve your writing skills. Plus, according to College Info Geek, one of the most important things about being a free lancer is building a portfolio.

You can turn your blog posts into a writing portfolio.If you want to apply as a free lancer for a specific company or client, simply submit your writing portfolio. In fact, it is possible that there is an agency or company that is interested in writing for your blog and invites you to become a free lancer for it.

3. Read consistently

Reading is the next way to become a free lancer. Remember, great freebies come from people who love to read. So, be consistent with your reading. Read fiction or non-fiction books, articles on the Internet, newspapers, etc. Reading gives you new vocabulary to write and adds variety to your writing.

4. Poating your Tulian on the blog

Once you’ve written enough blog posts and polished your writing, the next way to become a free lancer is to use the available freelance websites.There you can publish your profile, portfolio and prices.

If you are lucky, someone interested in your portfolio will contact you and invite you to join the project.

5. Develop your writing skills

It’s not a bad idea to keep improving your writing skills while waiting for work from others. Being a free lancer requires a high level of patience. You have to go through all the processes because nothing is easily available.

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To improve your writing skills, take more online courses available and apply the knowledge you gained from blogging. The ability to write must be constantly honed in order to stay with you.

6. Join the free lancer community

Networking is one of the things that needs to be developed when it becomes a free lancer. Develop it by following the free lancer community both online and offline. From there, you can share the world of writing and share your work with other free lancers. Well, that was a little talk about how to become a freelancer. Hope it is useful and good luck.


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