The sophistication of technology can indeed turn a smartphone into a multi-function. Not only useful as a communication tool, smart phones can also help with daily work, for example, the topic we will discuss this time is How to make a poster on a cellphone.

By using a smartphone we can design posters like professional designers in just a few minutes. It can be done by using a specific application or even without an application. So, to clarify again, let’s find out how to make a poster on a cellphone without an application below.

How to Make a Poster on HP

Generally, making posters is done on a PC or latop using Photoshop applications or other graphic design software. But thanks to technological advances in how to make posters on a cellphone becomes a real thing with no less results than professional designers.

Currently, there are many poster making applications on Android phones that you can use, one of which is Picsart and Canva. The application has been widely used and proven to help you in designing professional posters or banners.

Here are the steps to make a poster on a cellphone:

  • The first step is to download a poster maker application like Canva, install and open the application and then register to create a poster.
  • Next, select the poster on the available design menu, then select the template as desired.
  • Edit the design by adding text, color, or images to the template with the photo or text you want.

After the creation process is complete, click the save icon located in the upper right corner, then select the file type then download it, then wait a while until the poster is successfully saved in the cellphone gallery.

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After going through several processes of making posters above, the results will automatically be saved in the phone gallery. You should prepare a poster image that will be used later before practicing this method.

But in this case you can use the default image of the selected poster template. Because in the Canva application there are a large selection of professional templates that can be used for free.

How to Make a Poster On a Cellphone

After previously we discussed how to make posters on cellphones using applications, but actually the Canva feature itself can also be accessed online. So that we can make a poster design without an application.

This is certainly very helpful for some of you who have a cellphone with limited RAM capacity. To find out more about how to make posters on a cellphone without an application, see the following steps.

  • Open the Chrome browser on your phone, then visit the address.
  • Then on the design menu select the poster to continue.
  • Next select the poster template to use.
  • Edit posters by changing images, text or colors.
  • After successfully creating the poster, next save it by clicking the download button.
  • Select the file type to use, such as jpg, png or video, then click download.

At this stage you managed to make posters on your cellphone without an application easily. But please note, accessing Canva online or in applications still requires internet access. Therefore, your internet quota must be ensured to be sufficient.

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To make posters on a cellphone can indeed be done in various ways, but using Canva is the best choice. Because there are many design features that can be used for free with easy-to-understand customization.


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