Whatever business you run, of course you have to keep looking for ways to attract consumers, right? Well, in this case, the right Business marketing strategy is the solution you need. In this article we will discuss what a business marketing strategy is, its functions.

And of course examples of effective business marketing strategies to implement in your business So, what are you waiting for? Let’s see more!

What is a Business marketing strategy?

Business marketing strategy is a series of plans that businesses build to reach potential target markets and turn them into consumers. Generally, the business marketing plan created aims to dominate the market and achieve profits in the long run.

So you can’t necessarily market the product to everyone. Because, you need the right marketing strategy to be able to attract as many potential customers as possible.

In addition to delivering you to the right consumers, business marketing strategies can also facilitate your coordination with the team. Because team members can understand the direction of business marketing strategies more easily.

There are many types of business marketing strategies, and what we will discuss in this article is online business marketing strategies.

What are the Functions of a Business marketing strategy?

Okay, now you know what a This One Business Strategy¬†is. Next, let’s talk about some of the functions of a business marketing strategy, namely:

  • Accelerate the growth of the company;
  • Build a reputation;
  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Aiming for the right market share;
  • Ensuring the company maximizes its resources.

After knowing the function of a This One Business Strategy, the next step is to understand why you should use it. We will discuss further in the next point.

What are the Benefits of a Business marketing strategy?

In this digital era, an effective This One Business Strategy can help you reach your potential customers throughout Indonesia. But the benefits of a business marketing strategy are not only that, you know, let’s look at some other benefits that businesses can get if they implement the right This One Business Strategy:

1. Reach More Consumers

The number of Indonesians who have received internet access is always increasing every year. Based on Google’s report, in 2017 the number of Indonesian internet users has reached 56 percent or around 140 million people.

According to Napoleoncat.com, of those 140 million people, about 128 million people are already connected to Facebook and 60 million people already have Instagram. You can reach hundreds of millions of people through online business marketing strategies.

2. Easy to Practice

Maybe online business marketing strategies are still unfamiliar to some people. Although it is still unfamiliar, it does not mean that you can ignore it. Because business marketing strategies are easier than you think.

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In addition, there are many tutorials and discussion forums that talk about online business marketing. One of them is this article. This article will help you strategize your SMB’s online business marketing.

3. Can Target Consumers More Specifically

Your SMEs need a wide range from Sabang to Merauke? You can expand the range of locations throughout Indonesia. Your business only needs a range of locations in a particular city or province? You can narrow the reach of ad locations so that the target audience is more specific. Well, that was a little talk about Business marketing strategy. Hope it is useful.


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