Digital Magazine – In the quest for voluminous and vibrant hair, individuals with thin or fine hair often find themselves searching for the perfect hairstyle that adds body and movement without compromising on style. Fortunately, celebrity hairstylists have shared their expertise, unveiling a plethora of options tailored specifically for those experiencing hair loss or thinning strands.

20 Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair Recommended by Celebrity Hairstylists


1. Twisted Updo

Expertly crafted by celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons, the twisted updo emerges as a chic solution. This style not only accentuates loose, face-framing waves and curls but also offers flattering definition to the face, according to Fitzsimons.

2. Layers and a Razor Cut For a striking contrast, Irinel de León, another celebrity hairstylist, recommends a blunt cut with face-framing layers. This style adds lift and body to the hair, creating the illusion of thickness, particularly when complemented with dry shampoo at the roots.

3. Curly Shag De León advocates for the curly shag, a style that imparts the illusion of fuller and thicker spirals. To enhance this effect, she advises using mousse to infuse hair with body and hold.

4. Short Curly Layers Ideal for cropped curly hair, layers become a no-brainer, as stated by De León. This style, perfect for texture and movement enthusiasts, can be elevated with pomade for a lived-in feel.

5. Long Layers De León suggests long layers for thin hair, providing a flattering cut that enhances volume. To style, she recommends using hair gel to define shorter layers effectively.

6. Deep Side Part Effortlessly chic, the deep side part requires minimal effort while delivering a heavy dose of volume. Adding pearl details along the part can further elevate this style.

7. The Modern ’20s Wixie A blend of pixie and shag, the wixie offers a contemporary twist on a classic cut. Celebrity stylist Matthew Collins describes it as having more edge and texture, reminiscent of the shaggy pixie.

8. The Italian Bob Christopher Naselli highlights the Italian Bob as the epitome of chicness. This style, characterized by volume and a subtle V-shape, hugs the neck and curls towards the chin for a flattering effect.

9. ’90s Blowout Embodying the spirit of ’90s supermodels, the blowout exudes maximum volume. Achieved with a round brush and pins, this style results in voluminous waves reminiscent of Cindy Crawford’s iconic look.

10. Beachy Waves Beach waves, whether created with salt spray or a hot tool, offer loose bends that create the illusion of fuller hair.

11. Wispy Bangs Fitzsimons recommends wispy bangs as an easy way to add volume while framing the face. These bangs provide a light and airy feel while enhancing the appearance of thicker hair.

12. Shag Cut Through subtle layers, a shag cut adds texture and definition to any hair type. Paired with jagged bangs, this style exudes effortless coolness with an edgy vibe.

13. Side-Swept Waves For a classic retro vibe, sweep hair to one side and curl the ends. This style, especially effective with a bob, adds significant volume to thin hair.

14. Blunt Bob Celebrity hairstylist Irinel de León recommends a blunt bob for those seeking to maintain natural body and elevate their look. This style, with its chin-grazing length and blunt cut, ensures maximum impact.

15. Braided Top Knot Combining protective braids with a braided top knot results in a stunning style that instantly adds volume to thin hair.

16. Face-Framing Layers Popular for their ability to add definition and movement, face-framing layers are a go-to choice for thin hair.

17. French Bob Inspired by Zoe Saldana, the French bob features minimal layers with blunt lines that hit right at the collarbone. Rounded edges further enhance volume and flare.

18. Layered Bob Universally flattering, the layered bob recommended by Fitzsimons adds shape and definition, particularly for wavy and curly hair.

19. Butterfly Cut Embraced for its ability to enhance volume, the butterfly cut works wonders for waves and curls. Its adaptable length makes it an easy choice for those seeking to enhance their natural texture.

20. Curly Bangs Fitzsimons suggests curly bangs for added volume, recommending the use of products like the Andrew Fitzsimons Fantasy Curls Curl Amplify Texture Spray for enhanced moisture and definition.

In the pursuit of fuller and thicker hair, these expert-approved hairstyles offer a diverse array of options tailored to individuals with thin or fine hair. Whether opting for a chic updo or embracing natural curls, these styles empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty with confidence and flair.


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