For those of you who like photos, chances are you already familiar with photo editing applications, ranging from simple to complicated. And currently, the Play Store already provides it with a variety of functions and advantages, one of which is the photodirector app.

Photodirector app makes it easy for you to edit photos directly on your phone, without moving them first to the computer. In the midst of a flurry of photo editing apps that offer a variety of amazing filters, manually editing photos for some people is still a priority, and it’s already in this application.

Get to know Photodirector App Let’s Go! For Even Cooler Photos!

It’s not as simple as using filters, but editing photos manually using special tools will give us more freedom to edit photos the way we want.

And photodirector is a photo editing application from Cyberlink that provides a variety of tools, which really allow you to edit photos manually more optimally. So, for those of you who like to edit photos manually, you can really try this application.

You can explore more deeply with the various tools in this application. just hearing the name Cyberlink, it seems that you can already imagine how great this application is. Surely behind its greatness, this application is equipped with a variety of great features, which can help your photo editing activities. What are those features? Here’s the explanation.

Features in the Photodirector app

The Photodirector app provides Hsl sliders, white balance, and Rgb color channels. Not only that, with this photo editing application, you can adjust paradoxical strata, brightness, tone, and exposure. With these tools, you can edit to your liking manually, without using special filters.

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Indeed, in general, the editing features in this application are not much different from other photo editing applications. What makes it a little different is the advantage of this application that can be used to edit manually. It feels very easy to control.

Pros of the Photodirector app

Not only can you edit photos in depth with the features mentioned earlier, with this Photodirector application you can also eliminate certain objects in your photos. However, since this may be a violation in the world of photography, it is all returned to you whether you want to use this feature or not.

Is Photodirector free?

Photodirector is a free photo editor from Cyberlink. The app also has a premium version that allows you to use more effects, filters, stickers, and frames, and also export photos in high resolution and without watermark. The premium version has a 30-day free trial period.

Is it possible to remove watermark in Photodirector for free?

The free version of Photodirector cannot remove the watermark on exported photos. However, you can easily remove the watermark on the photo using another image editor, and you can also crop the part that pops it up.

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Is Photodirector like Photoshop?

Photodirector is the same photo editor as Photoshop and Lightroom. Here, you can edit your photos in a non-destructive way, using layers and without changing the original archive. But to be sure. Emoving a certain object that doesn’t work in the photo can make your photo more perfectly composed. Interested in having this app? Answer in the comments column.

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