Digimagaz.com – Jujutsu Kaisen, a popular modern shonen anime, has captivated audiences with its impactful action and well-crafted animation by the studio Mappa. Unlike many others in the genre, this anime delivers real consequences for actions, providing a sense of danger without relying on overused tropes. With a captivating story, impressive soundtracks, excellent voice casting, and memorable characters, Jujutsu Kaisen has earned its place among anime classics like Attack On Titan and Demon Slayer.


1. Satoru Gojo

Considered the most powerful individual in the history of Jujutsu Kaisen, Satoru Gojo stands as the leader of the sorcerers. He possesses exceptional combat prowess and strength, wielding the Limitless and Six Eyes techniques that strike fear into Cursed Spirits. Despite his lean frame, Gojo can harness an immense amount of cursed energy, making him the subject of fear and admiration among the jujutsu society’s high-ups. Gojo’s charisma, confidence, and playful nature have endeared him to audiences and students alike.


2. Ryomen Sukuna

Known as the father of Cursed Spirits, Ryomen Sukuna was defeated during the golden age of Jujutsu High. Despite being reincarnated within Yuji Itadori after swallowing one of Sukuna’s fingers, he requires more cursed energy to fully manifest. Sukuna’s four-armed, two-faced appearance, along with his sadistic attitude, makes him a formidable antagonist. Possessing a vast amount of cursed energy, he can utilize powerful techniques like Cleave and Dismantle.

3. Yuta Okkotsu

Haunted by the vengeful spirit of his childhood friend Rika, Yuta Okkotsu lacks inherent talent as a sorcerer but compensates with his skill in wielding a katana and manipulating cursed energy. Yuta’s association with Rika grants him immense power, allowing him to put up fierce resistance against formidable opponents like Gojo and Sukuna. Although he struggles with controlling his cursed energy, Yuta’s courage and learning aptitude help him adapt swiftly in battles.

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4. Suguru Geto

Once a student at Jujutsu High, Suguru Geto turned into an antagonist after leaving the academy to pursue his own objectives. His deep experience as a sorcerer makes him a formidable foe, and his monstrosity has led to the massacre of countless innocent people. Geto excels in hand-to-hand and sword combat, and he possesses the ability to absorb Cursed Spirits to enhance his power.


5. Hanami

Born from the fear of natural disasters, Hanami possesses a unique affiliation with nature-based cursed energy. With his black lines and formidable durability, he can take on powerful adversaries like Itadori and Aoi Todo. Hanami can recover quickly, withstand physical and magical attacks, and poses a significant threat to jujutsu sorcerers with his elemental advantage.


6. Mahito

The primary antagonist in Jujutsu Kaisen, Mahito is one of the most-hated Cursed Spirits. His Cursed Energy has grown immensely, and he leads a group with the goal of enacting genocide and replacing the human population with Cursed Spirits. Mahito is sadistic and enjoys toying with human emotions, making him a dangerous and formidable foe.


7. Nanami Kento

Nanami possesses the unique cursed technique called Ratio, enabling him to slice through enemies with ease. As a Grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer, Nanami’s massive cursed energy level allows him to discern opponents’ weak points during combat. He serves as a mentor to Yuji Itadori and is respected by his fellow Jujutsu High students for his discipline and combat prowess.

8. Aoi Todo

Considering Yuji Itadori his best friend, Aoi Todo has an innate understanding of jujutsu and can analyze his enemies’ movements to build effective strategies during fights. Despite his eccentric attitude and muscular build, Todo is a powerful and fun sorcerer who combines cursed energy and martial arts to reach a superhuman level.

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9. Maki Zenin

Despite being born a non-sorcerer and facing mistreatment from her family, Maki Zenin has proven herself as powerful as a Jujutsu sorcerer. She excels as a cursed tool user and is a role model for first-year students. Her proficiency in wielding various weapons compensates for her low cursed energy.

10. Megumi Fushigoro

As a first-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High, Megumi possesses the Ten Shadow Technique, allowing him to summon different shikigami to aid him in battle. Descendant of the Zenin clan, Megumi is disciplined and lives up to his family’s legacy. He proves to be a valuable asset to his friends, and his potential continues to grow under the mentorship of Gojo Satoru.


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