Digimagaz.com –  As is known, Gear 5 Luffy was resurrected when the Straw Hat Pirate Captain fought against Kaido in the Wano arc. Gear 5 is a further enhancement of Luffy’s powers. Previously, he had also succeeded in awakening gear 2, 3, and 4.

Gear Second utilizes its supple body to pump blood faster throughout its body and drastically increases its physical abilities.

Gear Third sees him inflate his rubber bones with air to get giant limbs and use devastating attacks.

With Gear Fourth, Luffy takes it a step further by combining Haki with his Devil Fruit and combining them.

When doing so, Luffy is able to increase the tension of the rubber and use the power of compression and elasticity in battle to do some of the most incredible things like flying through the air.

While in Gear 5, actually based on Luffy’s Devil Fruit true nature, his real name is Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.


The unique Gear 5 Luffy facts that you need to know

1-Appears without awakening

all this time people thought that Gear 5 was resurrected. But in fact, what happened was not like that. Gear Fifth, however, is much different. Luffy only woke him up after his mind caught on to his potential power.


2-Great power of Gear 5

After the awakening of Gear 5, it is known that Luffy’s Devil Fruit is not the Gomu Gomu no Mi but the Nika Hito Hito no Mi model. This Devil Fruit not only gives great freedom to Luffy and affects everyone around him. But it also gives it a great rubber body. Resurrection made his powers greater and gave him a new transformation, which he eventually named Gear 5th.


3-quite iconic transformation

If you look at the manga, Gear 5 is a power whose depiction is different from the others. Gear 5th Luffy is quite an iconic, weird, but amazing transformation. When entering Gear 5th, Luffy gets hair that lights up. More importantly, the color scheme of his teeth is white, as mentioned by Kaido himself.

This all-white transformation spread throughout his body, including his hair and clothes. So far, this is the only Gear of Luffy that has played around with so many colors.


4-After Gear 5, Luffy laughs a lot more


Gear 5th brings about Luffy’s ability to spread joy and laughter afterwards. This means he actually gets to laugh a lot more in these circumstances and also make other people smile. Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation is marked by the iconic laugh and this is evident from the first time he transforms into this state.


5-Make Luffy a giant

Gear 5 is in fact able to easily manipulate its body size without the need to pump air into its body. Luffy can grow big or small without any difficulty and at his best, he can even turn into a giant.





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