For those of you who like to make multimedia products, you can be familiar with what is kinemaster, this application is widely used as a video editing application by smartphone users, who like in the world of multimedia, especially video editing. For this reason, on this occasion, digimaz will provide a review of what is kinemaster, which is currently being boomed in use by smartphone users.

What is Kinemaster? Here’s the Full Explanation!

Understanding Kinemaster

Kinemaster is a smartphone application specifically used for video editing needs, this application was developed by Nex Streaming, which is a company engaged in the development of multimedia software, headquartered in Seoul (Korea).

This application was first released in 2013, precisely on December 26, 2013. this app carries a fairly simple appearance, but it has quite powerful features.

The first time you connect to the app, you’ll only find four buttons with backgrounds that dominate the initial look of the Kinemaster app. Some of the main buttons presented by the this app application are the new project, setting, help, and store features buttons.

Kinemaster function

Kinemaster is an application use for video processing, which certainly has a function to create videos, using only a smartphone device. The features offere are very complete, such as you use video editing applications such as Adobe Premiere, Windows Movie Maker, Wondershare Filmora, and so on. And some of the this app features that you can use, to process videos, include the following.

Kinemaster Features

This Kinemaster feature allows you to create a video project step by step, starting from choosing a video to be edite, choosing a theme, entering filters, audio to rendering video editing results. With this feature, of course, it is very easy for you to use the this app application.

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Media Help

Kinemaster can load all kinds of media formats, to be able to insert media into this application is very easy, because all media store on a smartphone or in external memory, will be displaye in the same vent, and separate by storage directories.


Kinemaster is also equippe with quite a lot of background music, so it will provide additional convenience for those of you who want to add sound either through Music Assets, SFX Assets, Recordings or by using music store in your smartphone’s memory.


It is incomplete if a video editing application is not equippe with a text editor feature. And this this app has a feature to add and deceive text with various types of fonts and styles. And that, of course, will make your video more perfect.


For this app application users, there is no need to worry about the difficulty of creating an interesting video, because Kinemaster is equippe with 4 Themes that you can enter into your video project, including Basic, On-Stage, Serene and Travel.

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Editing Tools

The Kinemaster application is also equippe with quite complete editing tools, such as Cut, Copy, Crop, Trimming, Color adjustment, and many others.

That’s a review of What is Kinemaster, complete with its features. Hopefully, the review above can provide benefits for you, who like video editing. See you on the topic of reviews around the next technology. Don’t forget to share this article on your social media accounts.

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