Article content is “Meat” or in other words the main content of information sites, blogs with specific specific topics. SEO (Search engine optimization) is not separated from articles. SEO needs content, and articles need SEO so that its visibility in search engine results page (Serp) increases and is certainly comfortable to read by readers, in this article I will convey seo blog writing services.

However, producing articles is not an easy thing, it takes ideas, time and energy that is not small, so that the article can really answer what the reader needs and good content. Now this is quite a lot more website owners, of course, you still need what is called seo blog writing services.

Tips for Choosing Quality Seo Blog Writing Services

Based on the digimaz review above, digimaz concluded several things that you must consider if you want to use good seo blog writing services, as well as good freelancers, you must first find out.

1. View the Portfolio

Looking at the portfolio of articles written is a must. With this portfolio, you can see the extent of the quality of the articles they have created. Try asking for one to two articles from the service provider.

Then check whether the article is good and easy to read, whether there is a typo or not, whether the information delivery is clear and easy to understand or even long-winded and long unclear.

Friends can also check on Copyscape to find out whether the article is original or not. If it is detecte to copy-paste more than one document, it is likely that the article is not original (Assuming that one article is a portfolio article that has already aired on its client’s site).

2. Check Customer Reviews

Another way to get reviews is to ask their friends, who are experience with the service provider. Ask potential writers, usually they receive a content brief in what format. Usually the more detailed they ask for a content brief.

The more tailored the results of his writing to the expectations of his clients. Except for the content brief that he usually asks for is only in the form of a target keyword, it is worth worrying that the final result of the content is only repeating that keyword.

3. Give Paid Assignments to Aspiring Writers

Add a test or assignment to prospective authors who have been selecte previously. Ask potential writers to give an additional retail price of 1 or 2 content, then ask them to write, and then pay when they’re done.

If the results of the writing are adjuste to expectations, use the services of the author in the future, for the long term. Paying the price of 1-2 pieces of content alone seems like nothing compare to having to spend more money on writers whose results are not adjuste to expectations.

Then regarding the selection of author services, try not to rush to order articles or cooperate. Take the time to sort out which article writing service provider is tailore to your needs and also matches the cost you are preparing. It is better to select it first so that you are not disappointe with the results of the writing or let alone feel deceived because the results are far below expectations.

That’s the article I discusse about Seo Blogging Services Review and Tips for Choosing It, if you have any questions, please write them in the comments column below, With the discussion of this article, hopefully it will be a useful science for all of you, thank you.


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