How to find freelance work – The freelance profession is increasingly loved. Especially if it weren’t for the flexibility of time and place of work that was given, making one profession no longer just a side job.

For those of you who are just about to enter the freelance world, of course you are wondering how a freelancer can get a job. Some freelancers who already have a lot of connections may not be too difficult to get projects. Then, how to find freelance work with those who still have minimal experience such as fresh graduates? Let’s find out through the digimaz explanation below.

How to Find a Freelance Job

The bottom line is that freelancing develops. Let’s discuss how to find freelance work and the best methods to use.


Mine your network from previous jobs and professional contacts. As you nurture your freelance career, think of your network as a foundation on which you can build your work forward.

Don’t limit yourself when determining your network and who’s in it; Contacts for future freelance work can include anyone from previous professional colleagues to family, neighbors, and friends both real and virtual.

Industry Group

Making connections with professionals in the industry you’re targeting is a networking method that can provide some pointers. The best way to achieve this is to identify and join trade and industry associations where you can meet like-minded people. Also attend conferences and events sponsored by groups of third-party professionals in your career field.

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media channels can offer an amazing opportunity to use social media in your job search. Nowadays, most companies use social media to find the best new employees. If that’s where recruiting professionals hang out, it makes sense that you should be there too.

Search these social media sites with keywords related to your desired role, such as “freelance tutoring” or “freelance software developer”. You can also post to your feed what type of job you’re looking for to help recruiters find you and allow connections to help you.

Job Site

FlexJobs, of course, is a fantastic place to start looking for freelance work! While there are many job sites out there, FlexJobs can guarantee a safe job search that is free from job scams and suspicious opportunities, which is often one of the hardest parts of finding a freelance job.

As a freelancer, you will spend a lot of time looking for jobs and gigs. Using FlexJobs takes some hard work out of your search, as we track and verify the legitimacy of jobs from across the internet and organize them into 50 different career categories for easy searching.

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Cold Laying

Think that a cool company down the road could benefit from your expertise? Send them an email! Cold pitching is sending an email or sending a message to a potential client to offer your service. To be useful, you need to be selective about who you contact with and be personal in your messages.

Just like applying for a more standard job, potential clients will be able to tell if you’re just sending emails quickly to a lot of people. Research the company and reach out to only the companies you really want to work for and feel that your expertise could be a good fit for it. Well, that was a little talk about how to find freelance work. Hope it is useful.


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