How to become fiverr freelancer – In today’s all-digital era, it is not impossible for someone to earn money online. One of them being a freelance on fiverr, this job can allow people to be able to work online, anywhere and anytime, without being tied to working hours.

One of the platforms that accommodates freelancers or freelancers to earn coffers of money online is Fiverr. Then how to become fiverr freelancer? Here’s a more review of how to earn his income.

How to become fiverr freelancer

Tip 1: The right profile

Your journey on Fiverr starts with your profile. When you sign up, you have to answer a few questions about yourself and what you do. You also have the opportunity to determine how you look on Fiverr, which is what potential buyers will see about you later.

Tip 2: The perfect show

So, your profile is done. The second step is to create a show – this is what Fiverr calls advertising for your service. When developing your show, it is important to pay attention to certain quality factors. The basic points are the title, description and photo of the show.

Tip 3: Get the first order

Optimizing your gigs and profile is the foundation of your success on Fiverr. Unfortunately, even this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a lot of work right away – the competition on this platform is too great.

Fiverr’s algorithm should get to know you first. The best way to do this is through a positive customer experience and good reviews. But how can you get there if you haven’t generated an order yet?

There are several “shortcuts” for your first order and review that will help you activate your Fiverr profile. This includes “Buyer Requests” and existing customers, as well as a little annoying thing everyone has to go through at the beginning of their Fiverr journey: “selling below value”.

Tip 4: Make your profile attractive

You’ve invested hours creating profiles, shows, description texts, and photos, and you still haven’t received an order? Don’t worry, it can take several weeks for the jigsaw pieces to fit in correctly.

The advantage is that you can do something to make your profile really attractive. Fiverr has a fairly new offering called “Learn from Fiverr”. There are many courses in marketing, graphic design, programming, Photoshop, SMS, business, and photography.

The video courses have been designed and delivered by highly experienced people in their respective fields. The cool thing is that by completing this course, you earn a badge that is then placed very aesthetically on your profile and clearly shows your skills in an area.

The only catch is that you have to pay for the course. But prices start at a very low level. In some cases, you can buy an hour or two course for 30 dollars (25 euros). This is an investment that is guaranteed to pay off!

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Tip 5: Returning customers thanks to the best service

When orders start coming, you have to do everything you can to retain these customers in the long run. In this way, you will gradually build a safe and predictable order volume.

The potential for this is huge: companies looking for freelancers on Fiverr don’t want to find new people every week. If they have had a good experience with you and there is trust in the relationship, you can be sure that they will come back to you when they need something.


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