Digital Magazine – Canada, known for its stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems, offers more than just picturesque mountains and vast national parks. Its expansive coastline provides access to some of the most unique and captivating beaches, each with its own distinct charm. From the wild shores of San Josef Bay in British Columbia to the family-friendly Parlee Beach in New Brunswick, here are the top 10 beaches across Canada.


 The 9 Best Canadian Beaches You Need to Experience

1. San Josef Bay, British Columbia: Best Wilderness Beach


Located on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, San Josef Bay stands out as a wilderness enthusiast’s paradise. Accessible only via a challenging 1.6-mile trail, this beach boasts crashing surf, sea stacks, and contorted trees shaped by Pacific storms. Camping right on the smooth sandy beach allows for an immersive experience with resident wildlife, including eagles and ospreys.



2. Stanhope Beach, Prince Edward Island: Best Beach for Avoiding the Crowds


Escape the bustling crowds at Stanhope Beach on the north shore of Prince Edward Island. This vast, dune-rimmed beach sees fewer tourists than its popular neighbors. Take a peaceful ramble along the boardwalk through marram-grass dunes, a nesting site for the piping plover. Explore further to discover Covehead Harbour Lighthouse and the historic Dalvay by the Sea hotel.




3. Wasaga Beach, Ontario: Best Beach for Swimming


Known for possessing the world’s longest freshwater beach, Wasaga Beach stretches 8.7 miles along the shores of Georgian Bay in Lake Huron. Divided into six zones, the beach caters to various preferences, from family-friendly areas to quieter spots for social distancers. Amidst the provincial park’s trails, spot owls and woodpeckers while enjoying the warm, shallow waters.




4. Chesterman Beach, British Columbia: Best Beach for Surfing


Tofino, the surfing capital of Canada, offers a plethora of excellent beaches, but Chesterman Beach stands out as a surfer’s haven. Ringed by rock pools, islets, and a narrow sand spit, Chesterman is not only visually stunning but also provides sublime surfing experiences. Easily accessible by bike from Tofino, it’s perfect for those seeking both waves and convenience.


Planning tip: Opt for a bike ride with your surfboard for a unique approach to this surfer’s paradise.


5. Parlee Beach, New Brunswick: Best Beach for Families


Parlee Beach in New Brunswick is a family-friendly haven with the warmest sea water in Canada. With International Blue Flag certification ensuring safety and environmental credentials, the beach offers golden sands and shallow, balmy waters. Lifeguards patrol during high summer, and minimal commercialization adds to its appeal for families.




6. Kitsilano, British Columbia: Best Urban Beach


Kitsilano, or Kits, is Vancouver’s premier urban beach, offering a laid-back Southern California vibe. Backed by cafes and a scenic park, Kits Beach provides ample space for beach volleyball, frisbee, and football. With stunning views of Vancouver’s skyline and the North Shore mountains, Kitsilano is a perfect urban retreat.




7. Shallow Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador: Best Beach for Kayaking


Nestled within Gros Morne National Park, Shallow Bay in Newfoundland offers a mellow Caribbean feel with its long beach and spectacular sunsets. The shallow bay is ideal for kayaking, allowing exploration of the sheltered waters of Belldowns Island. Keep an eye out for whales and enjoy beachside paths that transform into cross-country skiing trails during colder weather.




8. Annette Lake, Alberta: Best Beach for Wildlife


In landlocked Alberta, Annette Lake in Jasper National Park stands out for wildlife enthusiasts. The narrow patch of sand is surrounded by a forested shoreline and offers invigoratingly cold glacial waters. Keep your eyes peeled for grizzlies, elk, and mule deer while enjoying the unique beauty of this lakefront escape.




9. Plage de la Grande Échouerie, Québec: Best Beach for Kitesurfing


Situated in the Îles de la Madeleine archipelago, Plage de la Grande Échouerie is a 6-mile sweep of pale sand surrounded by iron-rich red cliffs. With stiff winds making it an ideal spot for kitesurfing, this beach invites visitors to indulge in uninterrupted meditation amid tufted dunes and diverse birdlife.





Whether you seek the thrill of surfing, the tranquility of wildlife encounters, or the simplicity of a family-friendly day by the sea, Canada’s diverse beaches have something to offer for every beach lover. Explore the unique coastal beauty that spans from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and discover the hidden gems that make Canada’s beaches a must-visit destination.


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