5 Best Tips for Traveling to Indonesia Safely and Easily. When it comes to planning a safe and enjoyable holiday experience, there are countless nuggets of knowledge to be applied – but in the case of traveling to the diverse nation of Indonesia, there are some especially important tips to keep in mind. Consider this handful of advice before setting off on your holiday:


  1. Research the visa process

Before you can pass through Indonesian immigration control, you need to apply for a visa from an Indonesian Embassy, or obtain a visa-on-arrival at certain land or airport checkpoints. These visas can be obtained by following a straightforward process, so it pays to understand the specifics of what you will need to enter the country before.


  1. Take out adequate travel insurance

Travel insurance is always a smart investment, but when it comes to Indonesia travelers should make sure to include special coverage for extreme weather, accidents, and medical care. Unforgettable moments on holiday don’t need to include surprises of the costly or health-threatening sort, so make sure to double-check your itinerary with your insurance policy’s health and accident coverage.


  1. Get familiar with the cultural norms

As a nation that boasts hundreds of colorful cultures, each pocket of Indonesia has its own unique traditions, taboos and social codes. Even appearing to attempt communication in a few common phrases of the local language, such as the greeting ‘Apa kabar?’ (How are you?), will demonstrate that you are respectful and knowledgeable of the culture.


  1. Pack with safety in mind

Whether you’re receiving treatments in a clinic or heading out to explore the countryside, there is always a risk of something happening. Pack basic first-aid items such as antiseptic wipes, Band-Aids, insect repellant, and sun block to get you through any sticky situations that might arise.


  1. Keep your contacts informed

Even in the age of smartphones and a billion application downloads, it’s essential to remember to inform family, friends and contacts of your movements while traveling. Simply having someone looking out for you can be a real asset in the event of a medical, further transport or an emergency situation overseas.


Traveling to Indonesia – a treasure trove of lush tropical rainforests, awe-inspiring national parks, and world-renowned art, food and culture – is an exciting prospect for any traveler. By following these 5 Best Tips for Traveling to Indonesia Safely and Easily, you know that your Indonesian holiday can be a safe and enjoyable experience.


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