Digimagaz.com –  It’s only a matter of time before Kylian Mbappe actually leaves PSG. This summer, rumors of Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid have strengthened again, perhaps even coming true soon.

Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid has been eagerly awaited in recent years. Mbappe is the best young player at the moment, Madrid can give him a place to grow.

Even so, PSG has tried many things to make Mbappe stay. They offer fantastic salaries, long-term contracts and a host of other benefits.

So this summer PSG is in a difficult position. Mbappe doesn’t want to sign a new contract, Madrid gets a chance, PSG is on fire.

Mbappe’s contract at PSG left one year ago, expiring in June 2024. There was an option for a one-year extension, but the player refused.

In fact, some time ago Mbappe made it clear that he did not want to sign a new contract. He won’t be leaving this summer, but doesn’t want to extend his contract.

This means that Mbappe will spend the remaining one year of his contract at PSG, then leave for free next season. Of course Mbappe’s plan was considered an attack by PSG.

Losing Mbappe for free would tarnish PSG’s pride as a club. They also had to face fantastic financial losses.

Imagine, currently Mbappe is the player with the biggest salary at PSG. The cost of bringing him from AS Monaco a few years ago was also not cheap.

Losing a player of Mbappe’s level for free would certainly be a heavy blow for PSG. The problem is, PSG’s position is also difficult. They can no longer charge too high a price.

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Mbappe’s current transfer is certainly very profitable for Real Madrid. They don’t need to do much, just waiting for developments.

PSG could force Madrid to pay Mbappe this summer, but the relationship between the two clubs is already damaged. Two years ago, when Madrid were still chasing Mbappe, PSG flatly refused and showed a negative attitude.

Moreover, Mbappe would be far more profitable if Madrid did not have to pay a transfer fee to PSG. He can get a bigger bonus and salary than Madrid.




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