Snapseed iphone is one of the most widely used photo editing applications, because if you look at the number of downloads on the Google Playstore and app store,  overall downloads have reached more than 100 million times.

It is very natural that this editing application is widely used, because it can indeed produce cool and cool photos. And for those of you who want to produce good photos using snapseed iphone, of course there are tips and tricks that need to be considered first. What are those tips and tricks? Come on, pay attention to the following explanation.

Tips and Tricks for Using Snapseed Iphone

Understanding the Basic Elements That Are In It

To be able to master this editor application, you need to understand the basic elements first. The trick is to open the Snapseed application, then select the Tune Image menu, and there are several editing options that you can choose from. Among them, the following:

  • Brightness is an option to describe or darken the photo.
  • Contrast is the difference between light and dark pixels. Where, images with a low paradox, a narrow color range, and images with high paradoxes, have bright highlights and also dark shadows.
  • Saturation is a way to adjust the brightness of a color, so that it appears more lit or reduced.
  • Ambiance is an option for controlling the equilibrium of light in a photo.
  • Highlights are an option to brighten dark places, and make the colors slightly faded in the photo.
  • Shadows are options for reducing or reducing shadows in photos.
  • Warmth is a feature for regulating temperature equilibrium.
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Understanding the Detail Features for Sharpening Photos

Increasing the sharpness of a photo can be done with the Detail feature, which can emphasise and make the subject stand out more. Two options that can be use in this feature are Structure by adding image details, displaying the texture of the object, but not affecting the edges of the drawing object. Then, there’s Sharpening which is use to sharpen the image.

Adding Special Areas to the Image with the Selective Feature

For those of you who want to edit a certain part of a photo, the Selective feature can be an option. For example, some parts of the background are made light and the main object is dark.

You can also use this feature in certain areas, but it doesn’t affect other areas. There, there are also several options for enlightening saturation, paradoxical, and structure. With this feature, you should be able to measure the central area from the smallest to the widest range such as +1 to +100.

Eliminating Objects with Healing Features

To get a good image, sometimes there are objects that were previously delete. And in this application, there is a feature that can eliminate unwante objects by touching objects, which they want to get rid of.

However, you have to be careful in using it, because the details in the photo can be more visible manipulation, and your photo looks less natural. So, you have to be really meticulous when doing the editing process.

Make the Background Blurry with the Lens Blur Feature

The last feature that you have to master on Snapsee is Lens Blur. This feature can be use to make the photo background blurry. Simply by selecting the object you want to sharpen and pointing a blue dot at the object, the background automatically becomes blurry. Suitable for those of you who want to produce a unique and different photo appearance.

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Basically, editor applications like Snapsee can indee be a solution to produce the best photos. However, the camera of your smartphone should also help to get good photos. That way, you don’t have to bother using the features in the Snapsee application to change the appearance of your photos. Happy creating!

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