Digimagaz.com – In a dramatic turn of events, Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea is reportedly on the verge of securing a long-awaited move to Real Madrid on a free transfer this summer. The veteran goalkeeper is in advanced talks with the Spanish giants, marking the culmination of a transfer saga that began eight years ago.

De Gea’s illustrious 12-year tenure at Manchester United came to an end earlier this summer when the club decided not to renew his contract, rendering him a free agent.

The 32-year-old shot-stopper leaves Old Trafford having made a remarkable 545 appearances for the Red Devils, etching his name in the club’s history.

While the departure from Manchester United signals the end of an era, De Gea’s journey is poised to take an intriguing new twist as he sets his sights on donning the iconic white jersey of Real Madrid.

The impending transfer follows a significant setback for Real Madrid’s current first-choice goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, who sustained a debilitating ACL injury during a training session.

This unforeseen injury forced Real Madrid into a race against time to secure a suitable replacement ahead of the upcoming LaLiga campaign.


The echoes of a bygone era resurface as De Gea’s move to Real Madrid brings to fruition a deal that was famously thwarted in 2015. At that time, both Real Madrid and Manchester United had reached an agreement for De Gea’s transfer.

However, the transfer was derailed by a peculiar and now-infamous obstacle—an alleged faulty fax machine. The crucial documentation failed to reach its intended recipients in time, resulting in the collapse of the deal as the transfer deadline loomed.

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The circumstances surrounding the failed 2015 transfer sparked controversy and accusations, with Real Madrid pointing fingers at Manchester United for what they deemed a deliberate sabotage.

The acrimony between the two football powerhouses further intensified as the incident left Real Madrid officials incensed.


Now, as De Gea’s transfer to Real Madrid appears imminent, the footballing world eagerly awaits the culmination of an extraordinary journey—one that began eight years ago and was punctuated by unforeseen twists and turns. While the wheels of fate may have turned slowly, they have ultimately brought De Gea to the doorstep of his long-desired move to the Santiago Bernabéu, where he will hope to etch a new chapter in his storied career.


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