Digimagaz.com – This summer of 2023, Milan is trying to bring in some new striker to the San Siro. They have managed to bring in Ruben Loftus-Cheek from Chelsea.

They also tried to bring in Christian Pulisic also from Chelsea. Milan also tried to bring in a new striker.

Understandably, they are now short on striker stock after Zlatan Ibrahimovic retired. Meanwhile Olivier Giroud is getting old.

AC Milan interest  with Atletico Madrid striker Alvaro Morata. Morata himself is ready to join Milan. Because he really wants to return to Italy. Because that’s where his family is.

Milan and Morata are claimed to have reached a personal agreement. He will be contracted for four years.

However, there is a bit of confusion regarding how much money Milan will have to spend in order to redeem Morata from Atletico. There are reports that say he can be redeemed at a price tag of 12 million euros, but there are also those who claim that the transfer can cost up to nearly 20 million euros.

Currently AC Milan is still unable to lock in the transfer of Alvaro Morata from Atletico Madrid. This moment seems to be used by AS Roma.

They reportedly approached Morata. However, the Spanish player subtly refused I Lupi’s proposal.

Morata is not willing to join Roma because he still wants to play in the Champions League, he is even ready to lower his salary so he can immediately leave for Milan. He is ready to be paid just five million euros. The nominal was 1.5 million cheaper than what he received at Atletico.

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Apart from AS Roma, there are other clubs that are after Alvaro Morata. The club is the Saudi Arabian club, El Ettifaq. Reportedly they gave Morata a lucrative salary. He is said to be paid 40 million euros a season.

However, it is unclear how long the duration of the contract offered to Morata will be. In addition, he will also be given a bonus of 10 million euros at the start of his move to Al Ettifaq.

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