Digimagaz.com – In a thrilling display of football prowess. Al Hilal delivered a resounding 3-0 victory against Nassaji Mazandaran in the 2023/2024 Asian Champions League on Tuesday night. The match, which took place at Azadi Stadium in Teheran, Iran. Showcased goals from Aleksandar Mitrovic, Neymar, and Saleh Al Shehri, solidifying Al Hilal’s position at the top of Group D.

The game began with Al Hilal’s Mitrovic opening the scoring in the 18th minute. A perfectly executed cross from Mohammed Al Burayk on the right-wing found Mitrovic. Who headed the ball into the net with precision. This early lead set the tone for what would be a dominant performance by Al Hilal.

As the first half progressed, tension escalated, and the match took an unexpected turn. In the 39th minute, both Nassaji and Al Hilal found themselves down to 10 men after Amirmohammad Houshmand and Salman Al Faraj received red cards from the referee following a heated altercation on the pitch.

Entering the second half, Neymar made his mark on the Asian Champions League by scoring his first goal in the competition in the 58th minute. The Brazilian star unleashed a powerful left-footed shot that found the back of Nassaji’s net. Further solidifying Al Hilal’s control of the game.

In the dying moments of injury time in the second half. Al Hilal added the finishing touch to their victory when Saleh Al Shehri found the back of the net. Making it 3-0 in favor of the Saudi Arabian team. With this commanding win, Al Hilal now sits atop the Group D standings with 4 points from two matches played. Nassaji Mazandaran, on the other hand, finds themselves in third place with 3 points.

Coach Jorge Jesus of Al Hilal expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance. Particularly their ability to maintain composure despite the early red card. He commended Neymar for his debut goal in the Asian Champions League and highlighted the team’s unity and determination. Nassaji Mazandaran’s coach, Mehdi Rahmati, was disappointed with the outcome but praised his team’s efforts in a match that saw them playing with a numerical disadvantage for most of the game.


Nassaji Mazandaran – Coach: Mehdi Rahmati

Starting XI: Rashid Mazaheri; Amir Janmaleki, Amirmohammad Houshmand, Vahid Mohammadzadeh, Ehsan Hosseini; Farshid Esmaeili (Hossein Zamehran 60′), Esmaeil Babaei; Mahmoud Ghaed Rahmati (Nono 82′), Mohammadreza Abbasi (Saeid Gholamalibeigi 78′), Saber Hardani; Mohammad Reza Azadi (Alaa Abbas Abdulnabi 78′).

Al Hilal – Coach: Jorge Jesus

Starting XI: Mohammed Al Owais; Mohammed Al Burayk (Abdullah Al Hamdan 90′), Kalidou Koulibaly, Ali Al Boleahi, Yasir Al Shahrani (Hassan Al Tambakti 82′); Mohammed Kanno, Salman Al Faraj; Michael (Saud Abdulhamid 82′), Neymar, Malcom (Nasser Al Dawsari 56′); Aleksandar Mitrovic (Saleh Al Shehri 90′).

As the Asian Champions League progresses. Al Hilal’s impressive performance in this match has solidified their position as a formidable contender in the tournament. Fans eagerly await their next fixture as they aim to continue their winning streak and secure a strong position in Group D.


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